Clicking with Canines uses positive reinforcement methods resulting in the development of a trusting, fun-loving and effective dog / owner relationship. You and your canine will enjoy a safe and comfortable training experience, come find out how we specialize in training your dog to fit your lifestyle and build the best relationship with your dog... Get started TODAY!

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Training Programs We Offer


Our programs are tailored to you and your dog's specific requirements... Our private lesson programs are personally customized to fit the needs, goals and lifestyle of each owner. Our Professional Trainers will develop specific strategies of motivation around your dog’s unique personality. It is vital to start training early; your dog can be enrolled into our programs as early as 8 weeks of age.


All packages are based on approximate time frames to achieve results, variations may occur and adjustments to the training plan will be made accordingly.


Why Choose Personalized Training for you Puppy/Dog?


We know as knowledgeable trainers that puppies should be introduced to many things, and in making these introductions we need to take in to consideration the puppy’s ability to process and cope with each situation or environment. Often a group class is flooding a puppy with too many things all at once… then we expect the puppy to learn in that environment within a time limit. Some puppies may seem to handle group classes, many puppies do not.


All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations; vaccine information is required at the Orientation Night or on the first night of classes. The Bordetella vaccine for Kennel Cough is strongly recommended. It is also advisable to have proof of a negative stool sample or recent deworming before coming to classes. (If your dog frequents the local dog parks they are at risk for contracting worms).

Personal Puppy Training
$ 295.00

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We care about your puppy learning how to confidently negotiate as many of life’s daily tasks as possible. We will provide you with the “how to” knowledge so you can teach your puppy everything  from (but not limited to); comfort in & around the crate, to accept your touch & handling without nipping/biting (both necessary for care such as wiping paws and closer contact for patting/stroking your puppy), learning to settle around over stimulating encounters such as children or other dogs playing or when guests arrive, how to get in & out of a vehicle or how to go up & down stairs, how to lay at your feet when you are relaxing & unwinding.


Personal Puppy Training creates an atmosphere of positive interactions taking in to consideration the puppy’s natural tolerances to being exposed to and learning about the different things he will encounter on a daily basis.


Our goal is for you to be successful at getting your puppy to respond to you when you ask him to sit, laydown, walk nicely, drop or leave it & to come to you when called. We will also discuss how to handle undesireable behaviours such as 'hit and miss' housetraining, chewing, stealing objects (socks, kids toys etc) and more. We also want you to know how and when to use these foundation skills in everyday situations.

  Package Includes:

6 Private 1 hour lessons at our facility and training material...

Additional 1hr lessons can be purchased for $50.00 each.

ALL family members are welcome to participate.

Catered K9 Training
$ 295.00

We cater to adolescent dogs (5 months & older), re-homed dogs, and dogs with issues. We care about you achieving the results you want with your dog. Understanding your dog and why he is behaving certain ways is the key to having your dream dog.


Learn how to motivate and cultivate your dog's enthusiasm to be engaged with you. Strengthen the sit, down, sit/stays, down/stays, no jumping, leave it, accept a greeting, come when called, walk nicely and more. Work on having the dog perform skills at increased intervals of distance, duration, distraction, & handler orientation. We will also discuss how to handle any undesireable behaviours your dog is doing. We want you to be proud of your dog’s ability to accompany you through life easily.


Comfort in & around a crate may be what is needed for a re-homed dog so that the journey of building much needed trust is strong. A re-homed dog needs dependability, consistency and patience we will develop the training plan that meets your particular re-homed dog’s needs so that he develops in to your faithful companion.


A dog with issues is unique and may need something of everything to develop a suitable training plan to bring the best out in him. The same may be true for the adolescent and re-homed dogs as well. Figuring out and meeting your dog’s needs is what we do best, we want your dog to please you as much as you enjoy your dog.

  Package Includes:

6 Private 1 hour lessons at our facility and training material...

Additional 1hr lessons can be purchased for $50.00 each.

ALL family members are welcome to participate.

K9 Consultations
$ 50.00 / hr

( At our facility )

  • Are you welcoming a new puppy in to your home and want to feel well prepared for his arrival?


  • Do you need to know what to expect from your dog when you are expecting a baby?


  • Is your dog confusing you? Can’t figure out why he is behaving a certain way?


  • Want to show a re-homed dog how it feels to have security, trust & enrichment in his life?


  • We can put you at ease with the answers to your questions or solutions to your problems.

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