Kathy & Nessie

I first met Dawn several weeks after I adopted Monty, a rescued five year old hound/border collie X. Monty had been in the shelter for months and wasn't house broken, pulled and lunged on the leash, never made eye contact, didn't respond to his name, and hadn't bonded with me at all. Thank goodness for Dawn and clicker training! She explained why he reacted certain ways and helped me use positive reinforcement and patience to build his trust and self confidence. With her guidance, Monty amazingly developed into a happy, well adjusted, and devoted little guy. Now Dawn is helping me with Nessie , a purebred border collie who has lots of smarts but prefers to march to her own drummer. For Nessie, daily training that interests and challenges her is the key to a happy, co-operative dog. We both enjoy going to class once a week where she has done rally training, tricks, and her favorite - working with agility equipment. Dawn is great! She never gets in a flap and is always supportive, even if you mess up. Your questions are always answered thoroughly and she provides unique solutions that fit the needs of both you and your dog. Thanks for all your help Dawn!

Fortunately, my veterinarian recommended Dawn and her “Clicking with Canines” to me for my Bernese Mountain Dog, Duncan, on our first puppy visit. We have been attending classes since Duncan was a few months old.  I can never thank Dawn enough for giving me the tools to help Duncan learn how to be a well-behaved, well-integrated family member. The beauty of the method used is that you are continuously helping your dog learn in a positive way, so you both feel good about the process. Duncan is very relaxed and has good self-esteem because he knows when he is doing the right thing.  Dawn has the gift of being able to analyze behaviors and then providing  progressive attainable steps to get the dog to do what you want.  Thanks, Dawn - we could never had done it without you!

Andrea & Dora

Hi. My name is Andrea and I have been working with Dawn since my rottweiler, Dora, was 12 weeks old. I have absolutely fallen in love with clicker training and am amazed at how effective training can be when using positive reinforcement.  There is nothing more rewarding than watching your furry friend figure out what you are asking from them and performing a task successfully. Before meeting Dawn and starting classes with Clicking with Canines, I had never even heard of clicker training or the idea of using positive reinforcement in training your canine companion, but now that I have experienced its results, I would never consider training any other way. Dora and I have now successfully completed Level 2 Obedience and are starting to work towards competing in Rally Obedience and obtaining her Canine Good Neighbour certificate and the key is that we are both having so much fun.


Dawn has been an absolute asset to us. Not only have I found her classes effective, but over the past year and a half I have had many questions and every single time Dawn has had tips and advice to help along the way. Dawn is also handling Dora in the conformation ring and I am happy to report that she has successfully earned her first point towards her Canadian Championship. Our time so far with Dora has been truly enjoyable on so many levels. I really do owe so much of this to Dawn and all the work and time that she has given us over the past year and a half.

I want to personally thank Dawn for helping us with our dog, Daisy. 


Daisy spent 2 weeks at a kennel last summer while our family was away on vacation.   When I went to pick her up, I was shocked at how "depressed" she looked.  The staff at the kennel told me that Daisy was aggressive.  I was horrified.  We had used this kennel before.  Apparently, Daisy had bit a staff member.  I am not certain what provoked this, stress? Mishandling?  But, with 3 children at home, I was worried that our family dog had changed. Could I trust her around the kids?  I got in touch with Dawn.


Dawn was terrific.  She helped me understand Daisy and dogs better.  My dog isn't aggressive.  Anxious,yes, especially when she is away from her family.  Dawn suggested options for us for when we went away again.  


Daisy has been great!  Thank you, Dawn.