Dawn Harbour Creces CPDT-KA
Owner - Head Trainer/Groomer


Dawn's Credentials: Dawn first earned certification through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (www.ccpdt.org) in October 2010. Dawn has maintained the CPDT-KA status and recertified as per the requirements in March 2014. This status verifies Dawn's knowledge and experience as a dog trainer and identifies Dawn as a trainer that is committed to ethical standards and continuing education.


Dawn has also achieved certification through International Professional Groomers (IPG) and is continuing to complete further certification and eventually obtain the Master Groomer status.


Dawn was schooled from a young age in all areas of dog care, including grooming, training and breeding. She studied under Jac Harbour, the founder of Hearing Ear Dogs of Canada & Special Skills Dogs Canada (Dog Guides Canada) and the co-founder of Key Companions Service Dogs.


Dawn has worked, trained and competed in the dog field for over 30 years as a:


  • Professional Dog Trainer

  • Trainer of Standard Poodles in the hunting field

  • Service dog trainer

  • Competitive Obedience, Rally Obedience, Conformation, Tracking, Therapy Work, and Hunt Tests

  • Veterinary Clinic Coordinator

  • Breeder of Standard Poodles, Basenjis & Border Terriers

  • Professional All Breed Dog Groomer

  • Coordinator of the Foster Puppy Program for the Lion's Foundation of Canada (now Dog Guides Canada)


In addition to work experience Dawn is:


  • A Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA)

  • A Life Member of the Canadian Kennel Club

  • A member of the CAPPDT & APDT

  • A member of IPG

  • An evaluator for the CKC's Canine Good Neighbour Test


Our goal is to teach people to train their dogs using positive reinforcement methods creating a sustained, cooperative relationship. The benefits of positive training are many; trust is built between the dog and owner which leads in many different directions from family dog to performance/sport dog; communication is clear to the dog about what is expected or what different behaviour the owner desires instead of what the dog is currently doing; all dogs are smart and positive training exercises the dog's intelligence; positive training is flexible allowing for more than one way to train a behaviour or skill; there are no limits to what positive training can achieve. Each dog is assessed to determine the most suitable learning format. Emphasis is put on ensuring that the dog remains in a learning state of mind and preventing the dog from reaching high levels of stress where no learning takes place. There are no time limits to training a dog; I will work with the owner and dog until realistic training goals are reached. All formats for training can lead in many directions be it towards a mannerly, well-adjusted family dog or special training to develop a dog for Obedience, Rally, Agility, Conformation, etc.The focus of my teaching is on preventing problems with a young, new or older dog to help eliminate the need for remedial training. I emphasize a Full-Circle approach combining having fun with your dog, positive training and realistic goals that will enrich and complete the bond you have with your dog.


Family Tradition


Training dogs is a family tradition for Dawn, pictured here with her mother and her daughter, 3 generations of dog enthusiasts!

Dog Training - Family Tradition


Service Dogs


Dawn with a Service Dog in Training for Key Companions Service Dogs.

Dog Training London, Ont


Canadian Champion


Dawn with "Tricksy", Can. Champion Tudorose Irreplaceable CD, CGN, CARO RN "Tricksy" finished her Canadian Conformation Championship easily. She won Best Bred by Exhibitor in Specialty at the Poodle Club of Canada National Specialty and finished her Championship with a Group 3. She easily obtained her Canine Good Neighbour title as well as a Rally Novice title. 

Dog Behaviour Training




Dawn and "Tricksy" earning the Rally Novice title at a Canadian Association of Rally Obedience Trial.

Dog Obedience Training